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We have invested years of research and development into recreating one of nature’s most essential processes: cell growth. This process, called cultivation, means that we grow and harvest our seafood in large steel tanks instead of having to kill animals.

Sourced specifically

Everything begins with a cell sample. Our process starts with a cell sample from a healthy Atlantic salmon or rainbow trout from a controlled aquaculture breeder.

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Selected Carefully

The key is to select the best cells for the job. We carefully select the strongest cells and establish our immortalized non-GMO cell lines. These are the basis from which our seafood grows.

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Nurtured naturally

Just the right amount of the right nutrients. We place our cell lines in what we call a growth medium. Here the cells can multiply and thrive in 3D suspension cultures, until we have a large enough amount of cell mass for harvesting.

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Harvested & Refined

In food production we transform cells into products. We harvest our cell mass from the fermenter, add a few key ingredients like vegetable proteins, and then finally move over to the kitchen, where they are transformed into tasty products.

Harvested and refined.

Served Deliciously

On your plate soon: real seafood without trade-offs. The result? A dish that is as tasty as conventional fish, but sidesteps its climate impact, its negative effect on our oceans, and its exposure to pollution or microplastics.

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One Fish


unlimited seafood

The safest way to produce food.

Because we cultivate our seafood in a controlled environment, we can steer every aspect of its production. That means there‘s zero risk of pollutants, microplastics or antibiotics contaminating our fish.

Invented to be cruelty-free.

Our oceans are dying. By producing real seafood without the ocean, we combat overfishing, unnecessary animal suffering and mass industrial fish farming.

Designed to feed 10 billions.

We require just one fish to cultivate as many fish products as our growing world population will need. 
Our production is significantly faster, less labor-intensive and more scalable than conventional fishing.

Cell Line

/sEl/ /ˈlaɪn/

Type of cell population originated by serial subculture of a primary cell population and can be banked.



Living cells or tissue that are grown in a nutrient-rich medium.

Stem cell

/sdɛ́m/ /sEl/

A type of cell that is the body’s most raw material: the base cell, from which all other specialized functions are developed.

Growth medium

/ˈɡɹoʊθ/ /ˈmiɾiəm/

Like soil in agriculture, a nutrient rich liquid, solid or semi-solid designed to support the growth of cells.



Similar to a beer brewer’s tank, this vessel maintains the optimal environmental conditions for successful cell reproduction.



A type of cell that never ages - it indefinitely continues to grow and divide.

Here’s why we do what we do.

We love seafood, but we also love our oceans. To solve this puzzle, we all need to be thinking outside the box. We founded BLUU to offer an innovative and delicious alternative to feed us without hurting our planet.

BLUU is established


We found BLUU as a spin-off of Germany’s Fraunhofer EMB (now IMTE) Institute - our early parental cell line stems from Sebastian’s work there.

Rainbow trout cell line


We establish our first high performance, immortalized, non-GMO cell lines from rainbow trout.

First products announced


We officially announce our first products: fish fingers and fish balls.

FBS-free cell growth


We achieve growth in an FBS-free medium for our trout cell line.

Suspension cell growth


We achieve growth in suspension (aka growth in 3D) for our trout cell line.

Pilot production starts in Hamburg


We kick off pilot production in larger reactors in our new plant in Hamburg